Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bigger is Better

Today's Run: Road. 48 degrees. 3.6 miles; Splits: 9:16; 8:57; 8:51; 5:08; 32:12; 8:56/mile average pace.

Yes indeed, bigger is better. Today my new running shoes arrived, and they're bigger and better than my old ones. Now that I have those of you with dirty minds attention, I'll explain. I bought the same brand and style of shoes: Asics GT-2140. I ran about 550 miles in my old pair, including two marathons. They were a size 12 and always felt a little tight in the toe area. Well, I found out why when I placed my order at RoadRunner Sports. Their website says to order a half a size larger, meaning I should have been wearing size 12 1/2 all along. Oops! No wonder I had "Purple Toe Syndrome." So of course I just had to go for a run today, even though I was originally planning to take the day off. My goal was to run for about half an hour, or around 3 1/2 miles. I decided to run on the dirt path that cuts through the woods 2/10 of a mile from my home. It's used by the local high school as part of their cross country course, but I had never run on it before. Well, it was enjoyable at first, then came the rocky, uphill, suitable for a mountain goat part of the trail. It was even more difficult because parts of it were covered by leaves, and I was afraid of turning my ankle. I must also mention that at two different points it went off in another direction. I wasn't sure which trail to follow, but decided that the orange spray paint on the ground along the way must have been the path to follow. Where was the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz when I needed him? On second thought, he wouldn't have been much help either! I finally found my way out of the woods and headed to a main road. The woods and rocks slowed me down and winded me enough so that my first mile was a 9:16. I got my wind back, and felt stronger the last 2.6 miles. I was pleasantly surprised to break 9 minute miles too: 8:57 and 8:51. It seems the key to me running well in the cold is to get warmed up. Once I am, it becomes automatic and pretty much effortless. Just like the good 'ol days. I'll have to make sure I do some pre-race running before the Christopher Martin's 5K Race on December 13th. Although the main point of me entering that race is the post race party. More about that in another post.


Mel-2nd Chances said...

hope the new shoes do the trick! I've never had a purple toe nail... was never sure that meant i wasn't a 'true' runner yet. lol. Signing up for a race for the after party sounds perfect.

Anais said...

You're so lucky you have new shoes!! I'm envious! :D I love mine, but secretly dream of having different, newer, shinier ones :P Shh!!

It's hilarious that you put that clip from the Wizard of Oz :P You know what, I don't even know how to add a youtube video to posts... so you'll have to teach me! :D

Meg Runs said...

Man, Marathon Man, you're the 5th person today who got new shoes and is blogging! We're jealous!
I've always wanted to get lost on the trails(well, not by myself)but there aren't enough trees nor trails near here...sounds like your running is going great!

Lisa said...

I've got Asics too and mine are a half size bug as well. Nice run you had there and so glad you didn't roll your ankle.

Rookie on the Run said...

That's what SHE said! Sorry, had to say it.

New shoes are super cool! Especially when they fit better. I have found that I have to go up a whole size bigger for my Sauconys. I hope your feet continue to appreciate the up-size!

I'm jealous of your trail running... it's tough to feel safe running random trails when you are a woman. :p

Believe said...

haha!! Love it!! I'm in the market for new shoes...and some new running gear come christmas. You conquered the yellow brick road!

Lisa said...

Sounds like you had an adventure!

Have fun breaking in your shoes!