Friday, June 6, 2014

Wedding Bells for our Daughter

Hey all!  I know it has been a long time since there has been any updates from the Warriorman's family.  It is just one month until  our runner daughter gets married.  Rick knew and loved Jimmy, and although they were not engaged at the time of his death, he knew that she had found the "one".

Here is a photo from the day Stephanie finally showed us the ring on her finger (they were on vacation when he proposed):

Me on left, Jimmy, Stephanie and Jimmy's mom.

Can't wait to celebrate with them on July 5th.  It is going to be a red, white and blue wedding.

And I think I heard something about her race bibs being the table numbers at the reception...something only a runner can appreciate.

When they get back from the honeymoon it's off to the Warrior Dash for the fourth time for me, fifth for Stephanie and Jimmy.  Just can't seem to break the habit of that mudfest and every year we have been able to convince one or two more family members to participate. This year, my youngest brother and his oldest son are joining in for the first time.  My sister in law returns for her second go round. 

Thanks to all who still check in one in awhile.


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Tom Grant said...

Thanks for the update, I still look and remember how precious life is.